What is a swingers club?

A swingers club is a social place full of horny men and women that are there for sex with new men and women, This could be group sex with real couples or single women depending on what you are looking for.

Swingers clubs are also guarded by security and require you to be over the age of 18 years old and have a bar serving alcohol or even pop. So be sure to take your ID to get into these swinger clubs.

Here you can also experience same gender sex and hardcore experiences depending on what you are going there for!

A swingers club will most likely have cages and stripper poles so that you can have even more fun.

Some of the best places to find swinger clubs is to sign up to a swinger website where hosted clubs in your local area can be found and many women and men will also invite you to these clubs with them as its better to arrive to these clubs with a few people that are already interested in fucking you!

Tips for going to a swingers club!

If your serious about going to a swingers club i highly recommend getting to the club early as you don’t want to be the guy entering a place sober as everyone has already had a lot to drink.

When you are in the club and looking for someone that want to fuck or even whip whether your after mature women or even teens, make sure you go there and be sociable as a lot of people do not interact and go home without getting what they are looking.

Tip 3 Do not be the guy who has full intention of fucking loads of women but instead find them self at the bar all night legless as you have had too much to drink otherwise you might as well go to your local pub.

If your going to be meeting a married couple that is interested in having some sexual experiences with you for the first time be sure to go out to a great swingers club or party, rather than trying to have group sex over the internet as you won’t get the experience and that great night out to make it well worth your while otherwise your better off just watching porn on your mobile phone or interacting with women and men on amateur squirters.

First time going?

When you go to your first swingers club you will enter and need to pay an administration fee along with signing a disclosure to say that “What ever happens in the club, stays in the club” This will be done in every swingers club you attended the atmosphere here will be great and helps bring you a new experience that you will either like or you won’t.

Be sure to expect loads of women and men wanting to have sex with you even if your feeling a little shy. Many people feel this way when they first go to a swingers club for the first time as you don’t really know what to expect but if your straight and a gay person is after sex at all do not feel embarrassed at all just simply tell them what you are looking for and there will be no harm in that.

Expect there to be someone else cum here and there as this is a swingers club and everyone going to these places will be getting fucked by the end of the night so there’s guaranteed to be someone else’s spunk on the side or floor somewhere.