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*WARNING - This website contains material unsuitable for children under 18!

Swingers Guidelines

Tips for using a swingers site

When you join a swinging website it can really bring out your true sexuality. Make sure that you understand the feelings that you feel and that you allow yourself to explore them. Feel comfortable in your body and know what and who turns you on so that you can have as much fun as possible whenever you are swinging.

Know why you want to try it

When any decision can have such potentially damaging possibilities, it is very wise to question what your motivations are. People get into swinging for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you’re tired of having the same, predictable sex life that comes with a long-term, monogamous relationship.

Bi Curious

This swingers site is a perfect place to meet like minded people, you will find out that they are bi curious whenever they begin to chat/swing. Allow yourself to explore your feelings whenever you are with somebody of the same sex. You may find that you will have a lot more fun whenever you experiment with everybody that you could potentially swing with.


On a swingers website, it is a good idea for you to at least try to see if you like swinging with people of the same sex as you if you are typically straight. If you are typically homosexual, then you should also experiment with people of the opposite sex. You will find that this is a great way for you to see who and what turns you on the most.


Explore your body as well as the bodies of others. Whenever you do this you will be able to get a newfound respect for the human body. This way, it won’t end up being something that is about being gay or straight it will just be about pleasing another person while you yourself get pleased. Just make sure that the other person that you are exploring is okay with it.

Choosing a Good Screen Name

Choosing a Good Screen Name on this swingers site is actually the most important part of your search for finding others on the Internet, and unfortunately it is the main thing that we can’t do for you. However, we can provide you with tips and advice to make your online swinging profile successful in attracting other members who you could be the most compatible with you. The information you use in your profile is what gives your potential new friends that important first impression of you. Needless to say, it is worth spending the extra effort and time in creating the best swinger profile you can.

Choosing a Good Screen Name

Create an easy to remember screen name. If you meet a couple at a swingers club or event you want your name to be remembered. Put some time into finding a good one. 


SexyFloridaCouple - would be an easy to remember name. Even SexyFloridaCouple911 is easy to remember. However, SexyFLcpl911 is not, so try to get a good screen name. Remember it's all about gaining fast and easy access to the site!

Your Descriptions and Swinging Interests

On a free swinging website, Firstly, make sure you have fun writing your profile, because it will come across in your words. Really take the time to think about the effect that your words will have on the other members. How would you feel if you read this profile? Make sure that you come over as a fun and happy couple. Try to keep it light and to the point, without too many unnecessary details. Try to be confident, but not come off as arrogant. Just make sure to be honest and sincere in your profile about yourselves and what you are looking for in other members. You have made a big decision on joining a swingers site, take your time and make sure you are 100% sure about taking things forward!

How does swinging work?

Nowadays, there are a bunch of nightclubs in which couples who enjoy the lifestyle head to on the week-ends.Although this location provides a great "getting to know you" environment, it is not, where the swingers swing. There are different premises for the sex (someone's home, a camping ground, etc.).Although certain elite clubs specify that you have to be invited by someone from the club to get in, most swingers' associations don't discriminate, and will welcome you with open legs, so don't fret.

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Eliteswingers.co.uk = A FREE swinging website

Meet Swingers Online
Free Swingers Site

Eliteswingers.co.uk is a free swingers site for the swingers community. Browse profiles, photos, events and meets, groups, forums, chat in the chat room & meet swingers near you on this site.


Eliteswingers.co.uk is the only swinging website to offer a Facebook like instant message chat bar. It also offers instant video chat.


This is a free swinging website for swingers. If you are swingers, curious about swinging or just want to browse, you're at the right site.

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Free swinging website



*WARNING - This website contains material unsuitable for children under 18!

Swingers Guidelines

Tips for using a swingers site

There are a lot of things that you can’t avoid as a swingers site. You will need to make sure that you understand what these things are and that you are able to be prepared for them. A lot of people will get into swinging without thinking about the little things and the other side of it. While swinging can be a lot of fun and sexy there are a few other things to keep in mind.


When you start chatting/meeting on a swinging website you cannot avoid jealousy. Even an experienced swinger will still sometimes get a feeling of jealousy whenever they see somebody that they care about with somebody else. You will find that jealousy is a natural feeling that nobody is able to get around. No matter how confident you are in yourself and your relationships you will still get this from time to time.


Like losing your virginity, once it’s given, it’s gone. Swinging is a choice that has unknown ramifications and unforeseen consequences and benefits. This kind of activity has no certain result: You can either destroy your relationship or enhance it. Think of swinging as the extreme where there’s no in-between. You can decimate and obliterate your happy relationship or you can find the lifestyle you’ve been searching for. The choice, as always, is with you and your love. If you choose to go with it make sure you use a good swinging website!

Telling Your Partner

If you are with another person you will need to make sure that you tell them that you are a swinger. Whether you are new to swinging or new to the relationship you have to make sure that you are honest with the person that you are with. If you don’t keep your partner in the loop, then you are cheating on them.

Describe Carefully the Type of People You Hope to Meet

Think about what you are looking for in a potential partner. What qualities are very important in the people you meet, and what can you compromise with? Think about what physical characteristics are true deal-breakers for you. Would you turn down meeting people who are everything you both desired, because they are smokers? Think about where you could make a compromise and concentrate on qualities that truly are important to you. If you are looking for well groomed, height to weight proportionate people just say so and keep it to that. Make sure to include an age range of people you would like to meet. If you do not want single guys contacting you then just mention it nicely one time. Just don’t add “NO SINGLE GUYS!!!!!!!!” in ten different places in your profile. Also, especially ladies, if you are bi-sexual then you may want to let it be known. The majority or the women in the lifestyle seem to be bi-sexual, so this is not uncommon. This way you will have a greater chance of meeting compatible people, which you could both really get along with. 

Choosing Good Photos for Your Profile

On Eliteswingers.co.uk, you have an online photo album where you can show your photographs. Remember, there are also private photos, so that the only people who will see your private photographs are those with whom you have allowed to access them.

Content is King!

I'm sure you have heard the expression "Content is king" a good free swinging website should have excellent content, it should....

  • Introduce you to fellow swingers
  • Have good interaction with fellow swingers (IM, Chatroom)
  • Events and groups

Your find all this on Eliteswingers.co.uk, you've tried the rest now try the best! sign up for free today!


Swinging, or "the lifestyle," is defined as social sex between consenting adults — usually heterosexual couples who swap with others. But before you pack up your condoms and head to the nearest swingers' club, there are a few things you need to know first.To start, although most swingers' clubs allow women in without a partner, that is not typically the case for men. And if there is a "single men allowed" night, you can bet you're a ss that you'll be surrounded by a hell of a lot more men than women. So if you're in a relationship with an "up for anything" kind of girl, read on. If not, then better luck next time, dude.

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Most imprtantly, HAVE FUN experimenting in the swinging lifestyle!

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Eliteswingers.co.uk = A FREE swinging website

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