Swinging etiquette – The do’s and don’ts for swinging a beginners guide

Every club and every private swingers party have their own sets of rules they are basically in place to ensure that parties go without a hitch and to ensure that you are safe at all times and with the help of members via our Elite swingers community we have come up with our own Swinging ettiquete for newbies page have a butchers as to what the do’s and don’t are and maybe find yourselves horny swinging partners along the way.

New swinging couples – If you are commited to swinging then stick with it. When you arrive as a couple you must leave as a couple we don’t like it when one of you decide to leave early it spoils the mood so if 1 leaves you both have to leave 🙂

Parties don’t last for ever – Always get to the venue/party a little earlier than you intended too and get to know your new sex buddies, these parties don’t last all night so if you end up attending an hour before the party finishes then you really are not going to experience anything are you? Arriving midway is just as bad it will be awkward for you aswell as those already involved.

Always be friendly – Be friendly & polite with everyone you encounter at sex parties the same respect will be shown to you. If you are not interested in pursuing things with any couples then please be sure to let them down gentley, being rude is the wrong way to go about it.

One of the most important things any swinger should remember is no means no! If the lady declines you then walk away don’t make her explain herself and her reasons as to why she chooses not to be with you.

Hygeine and health – its 100% important that you keep yourselves clean and smelling good we don’t like anyone smelly swingers and always put a rubber on the end of it, we don’t want any unexpected surprises do we 🙂

Singles parties for the UK’s Elite

It seems now more so than ever before Elite sex parties are becoming more popular and if you have the cash to splash then you could be attending one of these singles parties for the elite before you know it. Now you might think Elite sex clubs are used by swingers but they are not these parties are aimed at the more glamorous and wealthy and each party involves around 20 – 30 sexy singles who like to meet in luxury and fuck. The dress code is strict and because these parties are so rare you will be invited on invite only, All elite singles sex parties are private, exclusive classy and more importantly intimate. Thanks to the media Elite sex nights are now in the public domain and one site that has brought loads of attention to these kinds of parties is the world famous killing kittens now if you have head all about these sexy nights then you know what you are letting yourselves in for if you get the chance to attend one of these sex parties and mingle with the elite for yourselves. Celebrities, MPs, doctors you name it you could be mixing with the wealthiest people before you know it.

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Random sex hookups

So much has changed in today’s world, that just asking for a one-night stand has become like a puzzle that we need to solve. However, that can all change if you introduce yourself to the world of online dating, especially since you have so many different options to choose from.Many people are still not 100% clear on what a hookup actually means.

To put it in the simplest terms, this is an unplanned sexual encounter that will happen between strangers or newly found friends. But, what are the key factors surrounding a hookup? You have probably had at least a couple of hookups yourself if you are over 25 because that is just how it goes. And usually, that hookup was engaged with flirtatiousness with an attractive opposite, alcohol, talking and hanging out at parties or friends arrangements.

Sometimes, hookups that meant nothing can turn into something a bit more serious, and this usually happens when the sex is so good you want to hook up again. After the second time, there is a chance that that pattern will continue, and inevitably, you two will have feelings for each other, from friendly to romantic. Of course, hooking up does not only involve sex, even a simple make-out session can be called a hookup. Continue reading Random sex hookups

Grandma enjoys a good swinger party

It started out as any other ordinary weekend we were having some friends over for dinner and maybe a movie or some party games. It was going well. The food was good and people seemed to be having a great time. Then my wife got the idea of amping things up with some cocktails. I know how she gets when she drinks, but I didn’t think it would be too bad since we had friends over for the night. You see, my wife gets extremely horny when she gets drunk, to the point where she can’t really control herself. Usually, it turns into a fuck fest for us later on.

I guess I could have cut her off after the first couple of drinks, but everyone was having a good time and I didn’t want to seem like a party pooper. So, I let her continue to drink. The real fun started when we all decided to play charades. My wife ended up changing it to sex charades, and well, one thing led to another and soon we were watching her fuck every guy in the house my . It was quite a turn on for me, and I know it was turning my wife on as was evident. I was told by our friends that if this is something we could be part off then to check out a good British website called British shaggers it turns out our friends are genuine swingers and always on there looking for new couples to fuck!

We aren’t swingers or into orgies, but that was one hot night we had. Just being able to see my wife getting pounded by my friends was one of the most erotic things I could have ever thought of. Now, whenever we get to talking about that night, we always end up calling some of our friends and asking them to come over. You would be surprised at how many of our friends will drop everything to come and hang out at our house now. Although, we have to have lots of alcohol in order to get my wife into the mood that she needs to be in, they don’t seem to mind in the least.


No strings attached sex with local swingers

No strings attached sex

No strings attached sex

No strings attached sex is a great way to meet new women on a regular basis. Many swingers are constantly having the best no string sex available. If your looking to try out new sex experience’s then becoming a local swinging seeking no strings attached sex is always the best.

Many people try out new sex activities everyday and realise that their fantasy’s, are not what  they expected. This is why having no strings attached sex is great. Even if the other person likes it, You don’t need to go again and nothing comes back on you. No strings attached sex is the most discreet dating around!

Do people have no strings attached sex?

Yes! No strings attached sex is very common for local swingers. Sure there is many swingers looking for no strings attached sex regular. How else would you experience new sex discreetly? There’s pretty much no other way of fucking women with out having strings attached.

There is many housewife’s and married couples that would become a swinger to get what they want! Everyday there is horny women and men that would love to have anal and their partner will not. This cause’s women to explore new places and people to fuck with no strings attached.

How easy is it to have no strings attached sex?

Finding women to have sex with no attachment’s is easier than ever before. There are many good apps and swinger sites with women seeking men everyday. Elite swingers has many of them women seeking no strings attached sex. Finding the right women for you to fuck, Could take a few days if your looking for a certain sex activity. If your looking to just fuck this will be easy. I use these swinging sites and even some good dating sites all the time.

Can you find no strings attached sex for free?

Finding free swinging sites or dating sites for sex can be difficult. If your looking for sex with no strings attached so everything is discreet would you use a free site? Not likely! Many men and women these day’s will sign up to new websites and apps just for the crack. I have tried many free websites to seek for women. I always find that the free sites are full of time wasters!

Why pay for no strings attached sex sites?

Paying for a great swinger site sounds pretty bad and down grading to a lot of people. The truth is that a site where people pay for sex is a lot more active. When i was using free sites many people bottle out and waste my time. I think that people paying are their for one thing only! That’s meeting up and having no strings attached sex. Free sites also have a lot of adverts and personally it drives me mad.

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